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Collect this website Website map Hello, welcome to the official website of Nanning Julian hardware and Electrical Co., Ltd! Julian hardware is the general agent of Stanley tools, Bosch electric tools, wankebao tools, Qinghai Lake tools and other hardware tools in Guangxi
Stanley tools hotline: 187-7806-0008 / 0771-3293729

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about Poly chain hardware Guangxi hardware mechanical and electrical tools products complete specifications of large agents

 Poly chain hardware
Guangxi large hardware tool brand supplier Guangxi large hardware tool brand supplier

Nanning juchain Hardware & Electrical Co., Ltd. is a large-scale professional wholesale company of hardware tools, which has obtained the agency rights and special distribution rights of more than 120 famous tool manufacturers represented by Stanley, Bosch, great wall, Weida, Dongcheng, etc., and has become the honest agent of all suppliers. At present, there are 58 employees and 2 marketing centers in Nanning and Liuzhou, which radiate the service scope of Guangxi. It is a member unit of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, the executive vice president unit of Guangxi hardware and electrical chamber of Commerce, and the vice president unit of Nanning hardware and electrical chamber of Commerce. Over the years, it has been selected as the "honest distributor" of the hardware and electrical chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and commerce.

Since its establishment in 1999, the company has mainly engaged in wholesale business of domestic and foreign famous hardware tools, electric tools, wrench tools, steam protection tools, lifting tools, hydraulic tools, pipeline tools, welding and cutting tools, measuring tools, gardening tools, cutting tools, measuring tools and cutting tools, abrasives and abrasives, mechanical equipment, mechanical and electrical products, labor protection products and imported high-end manual and electric tools. The company constantly pursues high standard, high quality products, with strict management, complete varieties, sufficient goods reserve, good reputation, thoughtful service, won the trust and support of customers.

core Cooperative brand One stop purchase of famous and excellent tools

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enterprise management idea Pragmatic, trustworthy, pioneering and innovative

 Poly chain hardware

In line with the spirit of "pragmatic, trustworthy, pioneering and innovative", the company adheres to the promise of "same quality to price, same price to quality, same quality to same price to service", refuses to counterfeit products, opposes false high price, and strives to build an excellent brand in the tool electromechanical wholesale industry.

Our products are only carriers, we are operating quality and credibility, the company regards quality as life, customers as God, customer satisfaction is our purpose.

You will feel confident because of the quality of our products

You will feel more relaxed because of our business reputation