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Workpro Toolbox - [poly chain hardware tools]

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How about workpro toolbox? What products are included? Want to know more about it, for those who like mending, it is a problem worth considering. But the answer is: you can have all kinds of household tools, such as wankebao.

 Workpro toolbox
This test experience of wankebao tools was finally favored by Aunt Zhang. Thank you for what is worth buying. 50 pieces of advanced household tools set, you are worth having. Let's talk about the brand of the public testing products:

The manufacturer of wankebao is Hangzhou superstar steel shield Tool Co., Ltd., which is a holding subsidiary of Hangzhou superstar Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: superstar technology, stock code: 002444), which is a listed enterprise in the domestic hardware tool industry, specializing in the research and development, production and sales of hardware tools. Superstar technology is a global influential hand tool production and marketing enterprise. It is a professional tool supplier for many industrial users in Europe and America. It has many production bases in Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hangzhou Jianggan science and Technology Park and Zhejiang Haining Economic Development Zone.

You can do it - the magic weapon of home tools

Workpro is a well-known hand tool brand in the United States and Canada. Its products are close to life, solid and durable, pay attention to innovation, lead the trend, and have a distinct style. In particular, the wkpro brand has been practicing the concept of environmental protection and non-toxic since its establishment. All the materials used have passed the content detection of heavy metals such as lead, chromium, mercury, and phthalate (Plasticizer), so it is truly responsible to consumers.

In July 2013, superstar technology successfully introduced the wokpro brand into the Chinese market. Its Chinese translation is "wankebao". It is committed to promoting the popular do yourself concept in Europe and the United States in China, so that people can fully enjoy the fun of doing it by themselves while saving costs.

Do you still make fun of the practical ability of contemporary Chinese?

Come on! Let's go. We have wankebao as your right arm. You can do it!

For the conscience testers, of course, first of all, above all.

"I'm worth it." when I received the express, I was surrounded and watched. As expected, I was tall! Take it home and weigh it. It weighs 4kg. No wonder I carry it. He is out of breath.

You can do it - the magic weapon of home tools

For the outer package, 50 pieces of tools should be listed, which can be said to be clear at a glance. At the same time, there is also a list of tools, which is simple and direct. We don't deal with those virtual ones.

You can do it - the magic weapon of home tools

You can do it - the magic weapon of home tools

The family photo is really a big family. It should have been thought of. At least I think so.

You can be a great tool for your family

In order to better show the location of each tool, we made a simple moving map (thank you for your help)

You can do it - the magic weapon of home tools

The tool box still has a good fixing effect on the tools. Most of the tools return smoothly, but it takes a little time to place the ② bit, ④ rotary handle and ⑤ ⑥ tricolor screwdrivers. In my opinion, ② the batch head will put two sets of small items together, which is particularly difficult to return to the original position. It is recommended to separate the two cards.

The following is my personal experience and opinions on the use of various tools

1. Sheep horn hammer is called small hammer in my family. The weight is just right for me. If it is too heavy, it will be more laborious to use. If it is light, it can't play its role well. On the back of the handshake, there is "wear safety goggles user and by stander" written on the back of the handshake? The details are very human. However, there is a question, why not write in Chinese, but use English Tips? I don't understand.

You can do it - the magic weapon of home tools

2. The flashlight has a sense of technology and fashion. It is very beautiful. I like it very much. But now everyone has a mobile phone, mobile phone can also act as a flashlight, the use frequency of flashlight is greatly reduced, the role is also greatly reduced. As a spare tool for the family, it is also very good.

You can do it - the magic weapon of home tools

3. Art knife, with this express delivery artifact, I said that I would package the delivery work in the future. It's practical.

4. The steel tape measure is 5 meters in length and has enough weight. Since I already have three tape measures, I made a horizontal comparison. This tape has a good texture and clear scale, which is better than others. With self-locking function, two of the other three do not have this function. In addition, the safety and smoothness of the wankebao tape measure are better than the other three, especially when the tape is retracted, it only needs to be pressed gently, which is convenient and fast.

5. Ruler, sharp edges and corners, personal advice: use with care.

You can do it - the magic weapon of home tools

6. Spanner, heavy tool, repairing faucet and twisting sewage outlet of water heater are necessary for Hydropower Engineering, and the effect of personal test is good. Since I don't have any large vehicles to repair, I don't have any other places to use.

You can do it - the magic weapon of home tools

7. Watch screw driver. The top of this tool is a hat that can be rotated 360 degrees. It is very convenient to use, and it is also a tool worthy of praise.

You can do it - the magic weapon of home tools

8. Insulating tape, this article is also more practical, necessary for families. This time, we can buy one less tape.

9. Hardware, including iron nails, screws, etc., usually feel useless, but when it comes to repairing wooden furniture or hooking things, they think it is impossible without him.

10. Metric hexagon, rotary handle and batch head, I feel that there are not many places to use in the family, so it is not practical and easy to eat ash.

11. Small hand saw, compared with the hand saw specially used for wood block at home, is much smaller.

I took out the toothbrush I was using to practice. I could break the handle of the toothbrush in about one minute with a handsaw.

You can do it - the magic weapon of home tools

When the hand saw was further used, the saw blade fell off after two minutes of pressing. Sure enough, we can't use a bigger piece of wood!

You can do it - the magic weapon of home tools

You can do it - the magic weapon of home tools

Through the light use test, I think that for ordinary families, this set of tools is still more practical. In the toolbox with the same price, I recommend 50 pieces of wankebao. Of course, if you need a more professional toolbox, it's another matter.

The personal recommended wankebaogong has tape measure, screw driver, horn hammer and wrench. I think it's metric hexagon and small hand saw.

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