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What is reamer

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Hardware bathroom shopping skills.

1. Looking at the materials, we should all know that the bathroom accessories are rich in materials, such as copper plastic plating products, copper polishing copper products, and so on. Now the most common is titanium alloy products, because they are more high-end, followed by copper chromium products, stainless steel chromium plating products, aluminum alloy chrome products, etc.

2. Look at the coating and coat the hardware and bathroom accessories, Bosch electric tools Not only can make the surface of the product more meticulous and even, but also can avoid hardware accessories in the humid environment rust or oxidation, can directly see whether there are bubbles on the surface, whether the coating is uniform.

3. Look at the process, the products made under the standard and exquisite technology, every detail is as perfect as possible. Therefore, the appearance of the products with good workmanship is very beautiful and atmospheric, the performance is perfect enough, and the handle will be particularly good.

There are many types of reamers, including wankebao tool taper pin and hand reamer. In the following, it refers to high-precision mechanical reamer using lubricating oil in lathe or machining center. No matter how it is used, the reamer is a kind of precision tool. Its successful manufacture depends not only on the grinder and operator, but also on the characteristics of the cutter itself. The reamer can be made of cemented carbide, high-speed steel or metal Ceramic composite production.

Reaming, in essence, is the process of reaming. Reamer is designed to make a small amount of hole size into large DCA, but with high precision, it can ensure that the side of the hole has smooth surface finish. The correct use of reamer can enlarge thousands of holes to high-precision holes without reducing performance.

Reamer is the most accurate hole machining tool available at present. If reamer is used in metal processing, it is usually used for high-precision tolerance of H6 / H7 according to ISO standards. In ISO and ANSI metric standards, they refer to fasteners that can be freely assembled and disassembled.

Reamer can not remove a large amount of material. The amount of material removed depends on several factors, including the size and quality of the material to be processed and the pre drilled hole. For the machinist, this is a process requiring careful balance. In order to make the reamer work efficiently, it is very important to leave the correct allowance in the hole. If the allowance is too much, the reamer may be hard to operate, and the hole may also deform, and the allowance is too large Less reamer will friction and wear, resulting in poor hole quality.

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