Table vice classification hardware tool shelf placement method


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Table vice classification hardware tool shelf placement method

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There are three types of table vice: ordinary type (also divided into fixed type and movable type), table clamp type (usually called table vice) and multi-purpose type.

(1) Fixed type.

One end of the screw clamp body, which is fixed with the screw clamp body, is arranged on both sides of the screw clamp body, and is fixed with the sliding core of the screw clamp body Swing the handle to make the screw rod rotate. The screw rod moves axially in the nut to drive the movable clamp body forward or backward to open or close the jaw. The fixed bench vice is installed and fixed on the worktable and cannot rotate at any angle.

(2) Mobile.

Its fixed clamp body is not directly installed on the worktable, but on the turntable with movable device. There are several screw holes on the turntable of Bosch electric tools connected with the worktable. The clamp body and the turntable seat can rotate the clamp body into any angle through two bolts, so as to turn the clamped workpiece to a more suitable operation position, and screw the bolt to fix it.

(3) Table clip.

The difference between the table vice and the table vice is that there is a screw clamping device under the table vise, which does not have to be fixed in a certain place. It can be moved at will. It is small in size and light in weight. It is convenient to disassemble and carry workpieces. It is suitable for industrial processing and assembly of instruments, maintenance and clamping of small workpieces.

(4) Multi purpose bench vice.

The jaw of the multi-purpose Bench Vise is the same as that of the ordinary bench vice, but a pair of concave jaws with circular arc device are made at the lower part of the flat jaw, which is specially used for holding small diameter steel pipe or cylindrical workpiece so as not to roll back and forth during processing. The upper end of the fixed clamp body of the multi-purpose Bench Vise is also cast with anvil surface, Dongcheng DCA It is convenient for hammering small workpieces.

Hardware tools shelf placement method.

1. To be honest, if you open your own shop, it's OK to be neat. The key is to have all the goods. After all, people who come to buy goods have a demand. They don't pay attention to customer experience. When people come and ask for something, you can take it directly. The choice of shelves is generally light storage shelf, or universal shelf. The key is to ensure weighing The height of the chain can also be higher, so that more of these products can be displayed.

2. Make the most of your space, store more goods, and the hardware store will sell more things. The more layers you choose, the better.

3. It is convenient for customers to get in and out and search, giving people a sense of simplicity. Generally, all the shelves are placed against the wall, and several rows of shelves are placed in the middle. Since your store does not know what the situation is, you can only give a general description.

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