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Safe use of hand tools and tape measure

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1、 General requirements.

1. The personnel using the tools must be familiar with the performance, characteristics, use methods, safekeeping and maintenance party of the tools.

Methods and maintenance methods.

2. All construction tools must be qualified products produced by formal manufacturers.

3. The tools must be checked before work. It is strictly forbidden to use unqualified tools such as corrosion, deformation, looseness, fault and damage.

4. It is forbidden to put machine parts and tools on the machine or equipment when the work is stopped.

5. The tools with teeth and sharp edges and the rotating parts shall be equipped with protective devices.

6. When using special tools (such as blowtorch, punch, etc.), corresponding safety measures should be taken.

7. Keep the small tools in the tool bag.

2、 Power tools.

1. Electric tools must be equipped with leakage protector.

Stanley tools 2. Electric tools must have reliable grounding protection.

3. The power switch and wire must meet the safety requirements.

4. When using electric tools, necessary and qualified insulating articles shall be provided. When using electric tools in humid areas or metal containers, corresponding insulation measures must be taken, and special personnel shall be assigned to supervise them. The switch of electric tools shall be set at the place convenient for observation and operation by the guardian.

5. When the magnetic drill is used at a high place or horizontally, measures shall be taken to prevent the drill from falling due to power failure.

6. When using nail gun, pay attention to the surrounding environment to prevent injury.

7. When using the electric wrench, the counter torque fulcrum should be firm, otherwise it is not allowed to start.

8. Before using the grinder, the grinding wheel should be checked for any trauma and cracks, and then the idle test should be carried out to ensure that Bosch electric tools have no problems.

Due to the high speed and certain weight of the grinder, the contact point between the grinding wheel and the object is strictly required, so the stability is poor. When using the grinder, the operator should concentrate and wear protective glasses. When grinding, the operator should avoid collision. The front grinding wheel should be used. The side of the grinding wheel should not be used to prevent the grinding wheel from breaking and hurting people. When installing the grinding wheel, the flexibility should be added between the grinding wheel and the two side plates It is strictly forbidden to hit the nut violently. When using, the operator should stand on the side. Two people are not allowed to use one wheel at the same time. When the effective radius of the grinding wheel reaches 2 / 3, it must be replaced.

3、 Pneumatic tools.

1. When using pneumatic tools, air water separator should be installed in the air source to avoid muddy air entering and wearing parts.

2. The metal pipe and hose for gas supply shall be blown and cleaned, and shall not be connected to people. The connection with sleeve shall be firm and workpro tools.

3. The air duct shall not become acute angle, and it shall be stopped immediately when it is squeezed or damaged.

4. During the use of pneumatic tools, no one is allowed to stand along the direction of the air duct, so as to prevent injury caused by the opening of the air duct.

5. The replacement of tool accessories can only be carried out after all the gas is discharged and the pressure drops.

6. When using impact pneumatic tools (air hammer, air pick, air shovel, air gun, etc.), the tools must be placed.

Ventilation is allowed only after working.

7. Do not use oxygen as the air source of pneumatic tools.

1、 The principle of tape measure.

The reason why the tape can be rolled up is that there is a spring in the tape. When the measuring length is pulled out, the length of the ruler and the spring is actually lengthened. Once the measurement is completed, the spring in the tape will automatically shrink, and the ruler will retract into DCA under the action of spring force, so the tape will roll up.

3、 Measuring method of tape measure.

The tape head is loose, so that we can measure the size. When measuring the size, there are two measurement methods: one is hanging on the object, the other is jacking on the object. The difference between the two methods is the thickness of the iron sheet at the head of the tape measure. The loose head of the tape measure is to compensate the iron sheet of the head of the tape measure when it is pushed against the object. The specific measurement methods are as follows:.

Shell: ABS new plastic, the appearance has luster texture, anti fall, wear resistance, not easy to deform.

Ruler strip: the thickness is 10 wire (0.10 mm) 50 mm grade I steel strip, the ruler surface is the most advanced environmental protection paint: tasteless, smooth and wear-resistant, bright color, clear and bright scale.

Braking: it has three-dimensional braking on top, side and bottom, which makes the hand control feel stronger.

Poly chain hardware.

Ruler hook: rivet hook structure, not easy to deform, to ensure more accurate measurement.

Strap: Rubber and nylon, high quality, strong and durable, good handle.

Ruler spring: generally using 50 ᦇ carbon steel, 65 ා manganese material: strong toughness, high accuracy.

Anti drop protective cover: high quality plastic, to prevent damage and collision damage, enhance durability.

Labeling: according to the requirements of customers labeling production.

4、 How to use the tape measure.

1. Prepare a ruler. We should pay attention that the switch button on the ruler is off.

2. Turn on the switch, we can pull the ruler at will, stretch and shrink automatically.

3. Keep the line of sight perpendicular to the scale on the ruler, read and record the data.

4. Turn on the switch, retract the ruler, close the switch and put it back in place.

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