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How to choose the wearability of door hardware lock mechanical equipment

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The lock materials on the market are basically divided into stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy. Stainless steel has high strength, strong corrosion resistance and no discoloration. It is the best locking material. Copper is more general, with superior mechanical properties and higher price. High quality zinc alloy is solid, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and easy to form. It is mostly used for middle grade locks.

Surface treatment can be roughly divided into electroplating, spraying and coloring. Through surface treatment, a layer of dense protective film is formed on the surface of the product, which plays the role of anti-corrosion and anti rust, making the product more beautiful and durable. At the same time, it is also a standard to measure the quality of products. For locks with good quality, electroplating treatment is mostly adopted. The coating is fine and smooth with moderate uniformity, bright color and no bubbles , rust and oxidation signs.

Generally speaking, the quality of heavy locks is relatively high. The lock body can't be exposed, which is easy to hurt people. One of our netizens was nearly scratched by the same lock twice. Although it is not broken, there are still hidden dangers after all. In particular, we should pay attention to the three positions of the end of the lock handle, the lock tongue and the four corners of the lock body. The lock with good lock spring can be opened flexibly and has high sensitivity The service life is also longer, and there are many styles of locks. It is necessary to keep consistent with the style of interior doors.

According to the nature of equipment failure, the equipment fault can be divided into congenital, wear and abuse, of which wear failure is the most common and regular fault type, and the principle and Countermeasures of wear failure is an important content of modern equipment management basic theory.

Dongcheng DCA The wear of mechanical equipment can be divided into visible wear and invisible wear.

Visible wear and tear refers to the physical form change caused by friction, impact, vibration, fatigue, corrosion, deformation, etc. during the use of the equipment, so that its function is gradually (or suddenly) reduced and lost. It also includes the physical form change caused by corrosion, deterioration, aging and other reasons during the idle process of the equipment, so that the function is reduced and lost.

Invisible wear is reflected in the depreciation of equipment value, which is not caused by the influence of natural forces in the process of using poly chain hardware. There are two reasons for the depreciation.

The first is due to technological progress and the improvement of labor productivity, the consumption cost of the same equipment is constantly reduced, forcing the depreciation of the original equipment, also known as the first kind of invisible wear and tear.

The second is due to the emergence of new equipment superior to the original equipment in structure, principle, function, cost and other aspects. The original equipment appears outdated in technology and backward in function, resulting in depreciation, also known as the second kind of invisible wear.

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