What brand of electric drill is a good wholesale method for hardware tools


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What brand of electric drill good hardware tools wholesale method

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Electric drill should be the most used rotary tool in life. It should be used for drilling on wood, steel and wall. Because there are many places to use electric drill, there are many kinds of electric drills on the market. If you buy a high-quality and satisfactory electric drill, you will improve your work efficiency. If you buy an electric drill with poor quality, you will not only give the workers The more important thing is that it will bring hidden danger. What brand of electric drill is good.

First of all, we should choose according to the actual situation of Stanley tools. Generally speaking, the most important parameter of electric drill is the size of chuck. The larger the size, the more application scenarios, the more expensive the price. If it is a household electric drill, the size should not be too large. Generally speaking, the maximum size of the chuck is 10 mm is enough.

The second is to open the packing box to see the appearance of the drill. The quality of the drill should be uniform in color, without oil and dirt, and the assembly dislocation between the shell parts should be less than 0.5mm, Bosch electric tools Then check whether there is 3C certification on the packing box and the name plate. Because the electric drill belongs to the national compulsory certification product, if there is no 3C certification, please buy it carefully. Finally, electrify the drill to run. When holding it, there is no obvious abnormal vibration and abnormal noise, and there is no obvious arc light on the commutator meter.

What are the wholesale methods of hardware tools.

1. Whether the sealing is strong: only if the sealing is good, there will be no potential safety hazard. If it is easy to fall off or seep, the service life of workpro tools will be shortened.

2. Whether it is flexible: for example, slide rails, air pressure supports and dampers are designed to improve the convenience of use. If they are not used well, they will greatly affect daily life.

3. Whether it is not easy to rust: the kitchen and bathroom are the main parts. Pay special attention to the problem of rust when purchasing hardware accessories. The furniture with lifelong rust will also have an impact, which is not only unsightly, but also may be scrapped at any time.

4. Whether it is beautiful or not: many hardware accessories also act as decorations for DCA, such as hanging mirror, handle, hook, etc. if selected well, it can add luster to home decoration.

5. If hardware products are involved, it is necessary to see whether the anti rust technology is applied to the products. Gold, silver, copper, iron and tin have the characteristics of rusting, which requires that hardware tools must have ultra-high anti rust technology. When purchasing, you can see whether the product will leave a thick oil stain on your hand and whether your hand will be sticky. If so, this product is generally unqualified It can be distinguished by smell through poly chain hardware. If the product has a pungent odor, there are omissions in the production.

6. Hardware products are usually printed with brand characters, labels, etc., and the font is very small. However, most of the products produced by the factory use steel seal technology, and the lettering is carried out before overheating treatment. Therefore, although the font is small, the concave is deep and very clear, while the font of counterfeit products is fuzzy. Due to the rough printing technology, the font is floating on the surface, and some of them can even be used easily Hand erase.

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