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How to choose hardware tools for vibration motor maintenance

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Three tips for maintenance of vibration motor.

1. Add grease to the bearing of vibration motor within three months. Generally, the amount of oil added is half of the bearing volume. If abnormal noise is heard during the operation of vibration motor, the operation shall be stopped immediately and the fault shall be checked. After the problem is solved, the operation can be started again.

2. Generally speaking, the vibration motor should be maintained and repaired within six months. The main tool of Stanley is to clean the dust inside and outside the body, check the safety of the circuit, check whether the bolts are loose and the bearing wear, and pay attention to change the lubricating grease.

3. When you need to update the bearing, remember to purchase the original type of bearing. When installing the eccentric block to adjust the vibration force, both sides of the inner side are fixed eccentric blocks, which should be kept coincident with the axial side. Then, adjust the adjustable eccentric blocks on both ends of the shaft to the same angle as Bosch electric tools in the same direction, so as to avoid wrong direction excitation force, so as to reduce accidents The occurrence of.

How to choose and buy hardware tools.

1, whether the sealing is strong: only if the sealing is good, there will be no hidden danger. It is easy to fall off or seep, which can greatly shorten its service life.

2. Whether it is flexible: for example, slide rails, air pressure braces and dampers are designed to improve the convenience of use. If they are not used well, they will have an impact on daily life.

Workpro tools 3, whether it is not easy to rust: mainly in the kitchen and bathroom, especially pay attention to the problem of rust when purchasing hardware accessories. Furniture with rust life will also have an impact, which is not only unsightly, but also may be discarded.

4. Whether it is beautiful or not: many hardware accessories also act as decorations, such as handle, hanging mirror, pull hook, etc. if selected well, it can add luster to home decoration.

5. If hardware products are involved, we must see whether the rust prevention technology is handled by Dongcheng DCA. Copper, iron, gold, silver and tin have the characteristics of rusting. This requires that hardware tools must have ultra-high anti rust technology. When purchasing, you can see whether the product will leave a thick oil stain on your hand and whether your hand will be sticky. If so, this product is generally not suitable In addition, it can be identified by smell. If the product has a pungent odor, it is usually overlooked in the production.

However, due to the printing technology, the surface of the product is very small, but the surface of the product is very small, because of the printing technology, the font is very small It can also be erased. The hardware tool shelf is placed as above. When hardware tools are placed on the shelf, it can be determined according to the needs and habits of daily use.

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