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Are Bosch electric tools imported? Why do you say it's made in Hangzhou? For this problem, many partners have such questions, so I want to make it clear. In order to avoid misunderstanding, we will explain it to you.

 Bosch electric tools
Many buyers want to buy original Bosch products. Here we have misunderstandings. We think that the original products are imported from Germany or not made in China. We will give you guidance here. Bosch has three production bases in Asia: China (Hangzhou), India (Bangalore) and Malaysia (Penang). Germany's products of the same model will not be exported to countries with production bases. As long as there are products on the Bosch Production Line in Hangzhou, China, there will be no imported products of the same model. Only products not on the Bosch Production Line in Hangzhou can be imported. Bosch Hangzhou has the most complete production line of Bosch products in the world. Many buyers are obsessed with "original import". In fact, the production technology and quality control of Bosch's products in every production base in the world are consistent with the "Bosch standard".

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